History & Culture

The town of Franschhoek's history started back in the late 1600's when the first Dutch settlers and French Huguenots started farming fruit & vegetables and eventually grapes, in this area.  

Before that, Stone Age communities lived along the Berg River and the Khoi and San people populated the area.

Our rich cultural and historical heritage makes for fascinating reading and touring.

 Learning about our history and culture is easy with a Walking Historical tour around the village, a driven cultural tour highlighting the Coloured community and a walking tour around the informal settlement of Langrug.

You could visit the Huguenot Museum and Monument and end off with a visit to the Perfume Museum and even take part in a perfume workshop to create your own distinctive fragrance.

We boast a fabulous Vintage Car Museum close to the village and of course let us not forget the Nelson Mandela Heritage site as this is the place he entered into civil life after being released from his 27 years of imprisonment.  A visit to his statue at the place of his release and a visit to his last dwelling while under house arrest is not far from the village.

History & Culture Experiences

Rate includes all entrance fees to venues, transport where applicable and qualified registered guide.
History walk


2 Hour walking tour in the village
Join us for a fun and fascinating walk around our picturesque village to learn about the Dutch and French Huguenot people who started farming and grew the village to service their needs.  Learn about the architecture, view the oldest building and national monuments and hear the stories of the people who lived there.  Find out what iconic animal the first settlers shared the valley with and learn why we do not speak French in our very Frenchified town!

To do this easy flat leisurely walk, all you need is the ability to walk for 2 hours and good walking shoes.  Bring your sunhat/cap and your camera phone and spend some time stepping back in time.


01 Apr - 31 Aug:
R450.00 per adult (Minimum 2 pax per booking)
R200.00 per child (5 - 12)

01 Sep - 31 Mar:
R550.00 per adult 
R250.00 per child (5 - 12)
Batho's Place


2 Hour walk around Langrug
Our local informal settlement township of Langrug is about 2km outside of the village.  Join us for an interesting and informative walk around the settlement with a local guide.  Learn the history of the area, why the settlement exists, how the locals live and meet some of the residents.  We visit Spaza shops, a tavern, a creche and get to partake of the local beer.  

We meet at the only restaurant in the area and you may choose to have a traditional lunch after your tour.  Please indicate this on booking.

RATE (tour only):
01 Apr - 31 Aug:  Minimum 2 pax per booking:
R600.00 per adult
R250.00 per child (5 - 12)

01 Sep - 31 Mar:
R700.00 per adult
R350.00 per child  (5 - 12)

RATE (including traditional lunch)   :
01 Apr - 31 Aug:  Minimum 2 pax per booking    
R700.00 per adult
R350.00 per child (5 - 12)

01 Sep - 31 Mar:
R800.00 per adult
R450.00 per child (5 -12)
Khoisan Kraal


3 - 3.5 Hour driven tour
The Rond-en-bont Cultural Tour was developed to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Coloured community in the Franschhoek Valley.  This community has existed here for many generations and their roots are deeply embedded in the valley.  Our tour will take you to five community members/groups, where you will be entertained, enthralled and educated in their traditions and customs, their trials and triumphs.

We stop off for refreshments and tastings of traditional meals so please advise us of any diatery requirements.

The tour is the initiative of the Franschhoek Wine Valley tourism association.

Minimum of 2 people per tour for the standard tour which visit 4 community members within the village and Groendal (the coloured township just outside of the village).  
Minimum of 4 people per tour for the extended tour which visits the same as above but also visits the Khoisan Kraal in Wemmershoek where you will share a traditional meal with the chief and his headmen.

Please contact us to see if you can join an existing tour.  Rates are quoted with your own transport.  Should you require transport, please request a quote.

01 Apr - 31 Aug: 
R500.00 per adult
R300.00 per child (2 - 12)

01 Sep - 31 Mar:
R550.00 per adult
R350.00 per child (2 - 12)

01 Apr - 31 Aug:
R700.00 per adult
R400.00 per child (2 -12)

01 Sep - 31 Mar:
R750.00 per adult
R450.00 per child (2 -12)
Huguenot Monument


Huguenot Museum & Monument & Perfume Museum
Franschhoek may have been initially inhabited by the Dutch, but it was the French Huguenot's who brought the wine industry to the valley and made it was it is today.  Although less than 300 Huguenot people settled here, their decendants are legionary and their family history's are beautiful and artfully depicted in the Huguenot Memorial Museum.  Alongside the museum is the Huguenot Monumnet, erected to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Hugeunots.

Don't forget to visit the Annex to the museum on the opposite side of the road.

Behind the museum is the new Prive Perfume Museum which houses an astonishing collection of perfumes and bottles from around the globe.  A family collection now open to the public.

And when you're done there, you can take a stroll through the wild flower garden on the side of the property for a relaxing walk through indigenous Fynbos.

RATE:  01 Apr - 31 Aug
R110.00 per adult
R55.00 per child under 13
Model T Ford


More than 100 years of motoring history
The Franschhoek Motor Museum showcases over a 100 years of automotive history. It caters to tourists, local families and motor enthusiasts alike. The museum’s collection exceeds 220 vehicles – ranging from an 1898 Beeston motor tricycle to a 2003 Ferrari Enzo supercar – and more than 80 exhibits will be on view at any one time, displayed in four de-humidified halls with a total floor area of 2700 mÇ, and presented in chronological order.

With a unique and exciting collection of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and memorabilia in the magnificent setting of L’Ormarins, Franschhoek, you can book a museum tour, have a snack at our deli, do a vintage drive, or take a tram ride to Anthonij Rupert Wines for a wine tasting.

ANTIQUE – built before 31 December 1904
VETERAN – built between 1 January 1905 and 31 December 1918
VINTAGE – built between 1 January 1919 and 31 December 1930
POST-VINTAGE – built between 1 January 1931 and 31 December 1945
POST-45 – built between 1 January 1946 and 31 December 1960
POST-60 – built after 1 January 1961

R80 adults
R60 pensioners and motor club members (with membership ID)
R40 children (ages 3-12)


All in one package
The Anthonij Rupert Estate package includes the following:

* Wine tasting at the Terra del Capo Tasting Room;
* Antipasti selection lunch (the menu changes seasonally);
* Premium Wine tasting at the Anthonij Rupert Tasting Room;
* A visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum where an immaculate display of 80 vintage cars awaits;
* Scenic tram ride taking in the picturesque views of the estates and surrounding Franschhoek Wine Valley.

R495.00 per person