Get Adventurous!

Our beautiful mountains, scenery and vineyards lend themselves beautifully for some adventurous activities to suit all tastes and abilities.

From the adrenalin-pumping big-boy Scootours to Croc-cage Diving, from Hot-air Ballooning to Paragliding and not forgetting the awesome antique Side-Car Motorcycle tours, there is something for everyone.

Please note most of these activities must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and are weather dependent.

Adventurous & Active

Exciting, Adrenalin rush activities for the young, the brave and the young at heart 


Great fun for the whole family
For those looking to get really active, how about a downhill Scootour? This Adrenalin pumping speed activity is fun for the whole family. Kids under 10 stand in front of their parent on the big-boy scooter and older kids get their own. 
As long as you have a sense of balance, like that needed to ride a bike, you can Scoot...

Two routes are offered in Franschhoek and rate includes transport between the two.

The best fun you can have on 2 big fat wheels.
croc cage diving


Dive with the beasts
Looking for something completely different? Visit our local Crocodile farm for an adrenaline pumping diving experience, not for the faint hearted, to be sure.

The Croc Farm rears hundred of Nile Crocodiles, the only crocs found on the African continent. They also conducts guided tours of the facility. Get there in time and you could watch the great beasts enjoying their meal.

R 1 000.00 per adult and child over 9
Hot air ballooning


Take to the skies
It's true... drifting over the earth in a wicker basket attached to a huge balloon is truly magical.  An absolutely unforgettable experience.  

Our Hot Air Ballooning takes place not in Franschhoek itself, but in neighbouring Stellenbosch.  It is an early morning start with coffee and rusks to keep you going.  Once the wind direction has been established and considered "in the right direction", you clamber on board and up you go!  Flight is about an hour and you are in the safe hands of a very experienced pilot. 

Drift over the winelands, farms, little settlements and road ways and see the world from a whole new perspective.

There are a number of different options available from large groups, small groups to couples.  If you're celebrating something special, let us know and it's quite a popular way to "pop the question" :) .  

Once you land, its bubbles all round on a successful flight and back to the start with the back-up team and into the restaurant for a hearty breakfast and delicious coffee.

Flights are available all year, but please note that if the wind is not in the "right direction" you may have to try again the next day.

R 5 900.00 for two person ticket (part of a group)
R 17 800.00 for exclusive two person ticket (you get it all to yourselves!)
R 10 800.00 for four person ticket (part of a group)
R 2 950.00 for single person ticket (join a group)
Hotel pick ups available at extra cost.  Please enquire.
Tandem Paragliding


Take to the skies
Now this is a LOT OF FUN!  Our paragliding takes place mostly in neighbouring Paarl from the famous Paarl Rock (which is also a great place to hike).  Once our Franschhoek Pass is reopened, it is possible to fly from Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve but only on perfect wind days.  

Your experienced pilot takes you up into the Nature Reserve to the rock and kits you out and straps you in.  Then it's a few steps forward and you're up in the air, floating silently and effortlessly down to earth. What an awesome ride! A few twists and turns and you are safely back on the ground.

Your pilot will take memorable pics and a couple of videos for you to download onto your phone to share.

This activity is very weather dependent (particularly rain and wind).  It's always best to have a few days available to catch the perfect one.

R 1 100.00 per person
riding quad bikes


Take a ride through nature on squat four wheels!  A great way to spend a morning in the great outdoors. Trails are on Rheboksloof Wine Estate in neighbouring Paarl.  

There are half hour to 2 hour trails. There is also a fun obstacle course through the forest, which gives novice riders the opportunity to practice their new skills. The trails operate 7 days a week, but, booking is essential. All our trails are led by experienced guides, ensuring a safe and memorable experience. We are “Eco” conscious in that we respect nature and adhere to strict operating guidelines to protect the amazing environment we operate in.

Half hour :                      R 460.00 per person
One hour nature trail:    R 575.00 per person
1.5 hour nature trail:      R 805.00 per person
2 hour nature trail:         R 1 035.00 per person (incl snacks and refreshments)

vintage side car rides


Cruising the streets in style
These sidecars are decommissioned military bikes originally used by the Peoples Liberation Army of China between the early 1950's and mid-1970's. They are known as cj750's and are based on the old German BMW R71 used extensively during from World War II. The fleet has been fully refurbished & modified to suit South African Road traffic requirements. 

Winelands tours are offered and you will leave from and return to Franschhoek. 

Riding helmets, goggles and cosy learther jackets and muffs are supplied to keep you warm and the bugs out your eyes!  A fabulous unique way to experience our area.  

Couples right up to large groups can be accommodated.  And there is no age restriction.  Passenger configuration can be 2 or 3 passengers plus driver.

HALF DAY TOUR:  R 2 100.00 per person with driver. 
FULL DAY TOUR: R 2 325.00 per person with driver.
Minimum of two passengers per booking. Surcharge for single passenger bookings.
Tabogan run


Hit the track
Did you know you could slide down the run at Africa's first Taboggan Family Park right here in the Winelands?  Not in Franschhoek itself but in nearby Durbanville.  A great fun experience for the whole family.  A fun way to spend a morning, celebrate a birthday or a whole day.

Available 7 days a week.  The park has a bar and a restaurant for light meals and drinks.

Please note:  No children under 3 on the run.  Very weather dependent, cannot operate in rain, no matter how light.  Not safe for pregnant women.

Various packages available.  From 1, 3, 6 or 12 rides to full day passes.